Young Entrepreneur – Ideas for Business

Organizatia „RIC Bela krajina” din Slovenia este in cautare de parteneri/participanti pentru un stagiu de formare (TC) pentru tineri antreprenori – „Young Entrepreneur – Ideas for Business” (Actiunea 3.1), ce va avea loc in perioada 9-15 mai 2011, in Slovenia. Proiectul va fi depus la termenul limita 1 februarie 2011.

Mai multe detalii despre proiect gasiti in mesajul de mai jos. Pentru cei interesati, adresa de contact este:
1. Title of the project: Young Entrepreneur – Ideas for Business
2. Applicant: RIC Bela krajina
Project leader organisation is RIC Bela krajina from Slovenia. The public institution RIC Bela krajina was established to carry out the tasks of local tourism organizations and local business centre for planning, organizing and implementing promotional and informational activities to promote tourism and entrepreneurship, development, promotion of marketing, tourism and other services. We also collaborate with many local and international organisations on international projects.
3. Partnership and participants: We would like our partner organisations to be youth organisation or organisations that work with youth. The participant is necessary to be youth leader or similar, he/she has to work with youth and also have some experiences in economy, entrepreneurship, business, ideas development, project management etc.
4. Working language: English
5. Deadline: 01 February 2011
6. Theme of the Project: Main goal of project ‘Young Entrepreneur – Ideas for Business’ is to develop methodology how to increase business awareness among young people, especially young people with few opportunities. In time of global economic crises it is very important that young people have ideas about business, know the way of develop business ideas and bring them to reality. The project will be international training course
7. Project Type: Youth in Action, Action 3.1. Cooperation with the Neighbouring Partner Countries of the European Union, Training course
8. Venue country and town: Slovenia, Črnomelj
9. Eligible partner countries: Slovenia, South-East Europe countries, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Benelux countries
10. Number of participants: 20
11. Date: 09.-15. May 2011: 7 days (travelling days not included)
12. Contacts: Mr. Gregor Jevšček, Account advisor I, Youth in Action Projects Coordinator
mob: +00 386 40 593 191 / fax: +00 386 7 30 56 531
web: / / /
13. How to apply: Organisations please send us filled in PART III with signature and stamp and send it by fax or e-mail and also by ordinary post as soon as possible


Informatii primite de la :

Doamna Mihaela Nicolai – Coordonator Eurodesk
ANPCDEFP – Departamentul Tineret in Actiune
Calea Serban Voda nr. 133, et. 3, Sector 4, RO – 040205 Bucuresti
Tel direct: (021) 201.07.42
Telverde: 0800 80 YOUTH (0800 80 96884)


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